Vacation Vacation Vacation


Kirstie & Phil’s final fact-finding mission of the series sees them investigate holidays at sea.

First stop, a bargain cruise on the Croatian Riviera. At €490 per person for a week’s half-board this is more about what you can do and see from the boat rather than the size of your bunk. And despite Phil’s initial reaction to spending a holiday in close proximity to 30 strangers he quickly (after a Grappa or two) becomes the life and soul of the party, busting his finest moves at the Captain’s Dance…

For their luxury trip Phil and Kirstie are really ‘pushing the boat out’ – all the way to the Maldives where a private luxury yacht awaits. It’s a place to relax, be pampered and pretend you’re P Diddy. And there’s little chance of being disturbed here, unless it’s by one of the 13 (yes, 13) staff popping their head round the champagne cooler to let you know it’s time for your beauty treatment.

Featured Services


Katarina Line
A cabin on the group charter boat Kirstie & Phil travelled on costs from £300 per week, depending on season and the cabin's location.

Trips on this boat can also be booked from their UK representatives.

Cabins on this megayacht cost £4,000 for a week. Or, you can charter the whole boat for £93,000.


Captain's Dinner
This special party at sea cost £21. Luckily for Phil, the dodgy dancing was free.

Discovery Dive
Phil's introductory dive cost £50.