Kirstie's Vintage Home

Kirstie's Vintage Home: Iman & Heather

Iman and Heather

This week Kirstie pulls out all the stops for Cheshire couple Iman and Heather. They’ve got a brand new home, a baby on the way and some big ideas for their home. They dream of turning their sitting room into a luxurious twenties inspired space and they’d like a vintage nursery to boot. With Heather’s due date being in just five weeks’ time, there’s some serious pressure on Iman and Kirstie to get the house transformed. And to add to the challenge, Iman doesn’t even like to buy vintage goods which means Kirstie has her work cut out for her.

However, because it’s a new house that means a blank canvas and therefore a perfect space for Kirstie to work her magic. By looking back to the twenties with its art-deco decadence and travel influences, Kirstie comes up with crafts and bargain hunting to help Iman overcome his aversion to second-hand and he even surprises himself by discovering a craft really enjoys making.

From finding rare pieces to making personalised toys for a gorgeous vintage nursery, from a glass craft lighting up the living room to gilding picture frames, with Kirstie’s help Iman and Heather learn crafts that create the home they have always dreamed of.