Kirstie's Vintage Home

Kirstie's Vintage Home: Amber & Colin

Amber, Colin and Kirstie

In this episode of Kirstie's Vintage Home Colin Webster and Amber Moss are all at sea when it comes to creating their perfect home. Their 1960’s maisonette at Edinburgh’s ‘secret beach’ should be a groovy pad for this fun loving young couple. Instead it is drowning in oceans of clutter as the pair juggle a new baby, busy lives and a tendency towards panic buying online bargains.

But all is not lost as Kirstie’s on hand to help them craft their way from desperate mess to des res. With help from Britain’s top designers and artists, they’ll be uncovering classic techniques and using cutting edge materials to create 60s inspired interiors.

Our couple will be making a memory quilt for the bedroom, bespoke orb lights for the sitting room and Kirstie will be showing them how to shop smart when it comes to vintage buys. From heirloom creations to space-race inspired concrete lighting, Kirstie will be showing how learning new skills and creating handmade items can transform any house into a dream home.